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Tournament Tuesday: Killer Queen Round Robin

  • Wonderville 1186 Broadway Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)
Killer Queen Night.jpg

Prove your skills on Tournament Tuesday at Wonderville. We’ll be hosting a round-robin Killer Queen tournament. All bees are welcome to come and play, this a great opportunity to find the role that is best for you or learn how to play.

About Killer Queen:

Killer Queen is a team-based competitive game for up to ten players. The two teams, Blue and Gold, consist of up to five players each, with one player playing as a Queen while the other players play as Drones. Drones can use berries found in the arena and take them to transformation gates, which can be used when unclaimed or turned into their color by their team's Queen. Depending on the gate, these transform a Drone into either a Speed Drone, who can move around faster, or a Warrior, who can fly and attack with various weapons. Once transformed, however, Warriors lose abilities unique to Drones, such as picking up/carrying berries and riding the snail, although they can kick berries around with attacks. Drones will respawn infinitely when killed, but each team's Queen only has three lives, represented by eggs in their hives.

The game features three victory conditions that teams must be cautious of: Military, Economic, and Snail. A Military Victory is achieved when the opposing team's Queen is killed three times by attacks from either the Queen or the Warriors. An Economic Victory is achieved by using Drones to collect berries and place them in all the holes in their team's hive. Finally, a Snail Victory is achieved by using a Drone to ride a slow-moving snail at the bottom of the arena towards their team's goal. The snail can be slowed down upon eating enemy Drones, or can move more quickly when ridden by a Speed Drone. The first team to win a set number of matches wins.

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