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Cineville Presents: The Flying Luna Clipper

  • Wonderville 1186 Broadway Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

August 26th 8:30PM - 9:30PM

Produced almost entirely on a gaming PC! Discovered in a secondhand shop on LaserDisc! And screened for the first time outside of Japan! Maybe.


"Take a trip on a chartered plane with a number of thrill-seekers (most of whom are anthropomorphic foods and animals). Found originally in a thrift shop on LaserDisc and ripped for online viewing, The Flying Luna Clipper is the only feature-length art piece/film created solely on the MSX2 system." -

"The Flying Luna Clipper is the Finnegans Wake of movies-only-available-on-laserdisc.... A pre-post-vaporwave homage to the glory days of aviation" - someone on Reddit

"Pixel art interspersed with live action footage reminiscent of [Nobuhiko] Obayashi... Is it video art? Tech demo? Lengthy Sony ad?" - someone on Instagram

"Is [this] really what Snowmen dream of?" - someone on Letterboxd

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