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Automaton Alive

  • Wonderville 1186 Broadway Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

Oct 26 9PM

$10 Online pre-sale

$15 Door

Automaton Alive is a performance that deciphers the saga of the last child on earth "CC" who believes that the tear is the ingredient to cook the soup of reincarnation.

Artist Bio: Lane Shi is a Chinese born interactive multi-media performer and sound artist residing in Brooklyn, New York. Graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2016, she has been on 8 tours including a 14-city China tour, 7 U.S tours with Boston experimental band Dent and Elizabeth Colour Wheel. She started her solo project under the artist name Otay:onii, devoting fully to mountain chest singing in different languages and dialects, theatrical performing, and multi-media interactive art. It is her calling to hold passion, creativity and sensitivity close to her heart, and express them in ways that birth honest and impactful interactions.

Longer Description of Automaton Alive:

Automaton Alive is a performance art piece that tells the saga of last world child “CC”, who shed a teardrop over the destroyed and collapsed concrete ashed land and homes of earth, and return the color of it when the tear landed in its own place once called home. The performance consists of 3 episodes: crumble, a returning of, the day of. These 3 episodes are constructed with samples, theme song written and played live, projection mapping of the visual element of the story, and the movements and singing phrases of CC in its automaton form.

It would be unjustified to not mention that Automaton Alive is the third epilogue of the 8 year project {A Returning of a One That Must be Loved} (2015-2022), in which 8 paintings, in details decipher the story of the last day of the world, would be "hidden" in selected 8 countries. The meaning of tears in homes symbolized emotions in honesty from the character “CC”, and the tears in the saga is the last ingredient for the world to return after the end. During the traveling, samples and sounds would be field recorded and collected to produce the music piece that would be the theme song of these 8 paintings. At the end of 2022, clues of destinations would announce those who are going to find the paintings, and the meeting would be held with all the travelers who bring back the painting, rewarded with a copy of the finished production of the theme song which won’t be released anywhere else.

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